martedì 2 settembre 2008

fondu savyarde

today for Jenny and "plantain in leaf" I will start write in english.
this dish calls "fondu savoyarde".


-500 gr cheese emmenthal
-500 gr cheese beaufort
-200 gr bread or toast
-a glass dry white wine
-a glass kirsh liqueur
-a spoon maizena flour

to cut to slices the bread and cheese, to put garlic in the pot and add the white wine.
To bring to ebulition and add pepper and cheese.
To softly mix and to get a homogeneous meal. to end add kirsh and maizena, mix, mix, mix and cook for 10min.

do you like?

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Jenny ha detto...

Wow, for me?! I am so excited to be able to understand your blog! Nice job! I look forward to checking in often!